Friday, March 10, 2017

Courage find its home in faraway places
abstractly printed in pages
sheltered in wooden dusty
Days and nights
Are eternally tiring
And brokenhearted weeping
Is the only remaining reminder
Of grace when it wasn't under pressure...

Monday, March 3, 2014

I still haven’t learned
 Never stopped once
 Only thwarted from my constant searching
 For some kind of elusive meaning
 The watershed that seems to elude
That evasive hidden door knob that comes loose in my hand
 When i think I’ve finally grabbed it
 Groped it in the abysmal darkness Of Unknowing
I am sure
 Of what am looking for
 For i’ve seen on a baby’s eyes its smile
 I’ve seen i know i am sure

 When i scan around
 On faces
 Idling on the cash registers
On symmetrical cafe benches
 On lineups and
 On the doctor’s offices
 And sullen eyes
 Lost in thoughts
 Thoughts like foggy clouds
 Tarnished souls
 On the wheel like hamsters
 I am sure
 Of what i want
I seek sometimes
 In the world that’s fazed out of focus
 I seek
For a clue
 A touch
 A magical
 A sparkle
 That would set me free from this constant search
 This would set me free
 This would set me free
 This would set me free

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ice bergs
We stay afloat
Silent stares
Hushed smiles
 Pale skies
 Reflected on blue icy waters
 How mighty you are
 And how complacent i am
 To know that as the ships sail between us
On the chasm above
 Knifing the chilled waters like a zipper
 Deep beneath
 You are next to me

what am i ...

Where do we trace our steps to?
Retrograde is
Just a mirage
Every second a slam
That leaves the time done behind
 But the phantom remains
Egging the do’s
You and I
tethered evermore
 In the now

 In this game of neurons firing synapses
Like wild monkeys
 In the primal forest
Slaves remote controlled
 By hormones
And chemical reactions
 Every micro second
 Rehearsed rehashed forever
 The atoms do the dance
What a game we play
 Never undoing

 Where the brave pawns
Knighted show off their mighty glistening swords
 gallops  around
Not bowing even to the King
I watch the game advancing
Failing to know who you are,
The King, bishop or the pawn

Or the giant castle
And i wonder
Do i forfeit?
Who am i turning into?
This white piece on this board?
 The steely queen, the neighing mare or just an Abbess in a cloak?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Alibaba of my mind hid the donkeys fed and tied

waiting hidden for the thieves atop a tall juniper tree...

ears attuned sharp

to catch the stomping of the hoofs afar

raising dust and terror along

Alibaba of my mind

still clung on

in the lure of treasure laden promises

of the mystifying cave below

opening to incantations yet unknown to him...

let the fable mesmerize

the Morgiana in me

daring yet to knife the thieving goons away

dancing to the zither in Alibaba's dome...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

take these crayons

draw an orange sunday

with vert lime grass beneath

aqua green waters

and silver blue skies

paint my soul in hues of purple

and my heart in deep red

and paint you next to me

perfectly posed...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008